Parallel worlds exist and interact with each other

By Anna LeMind
December 3, 2014

The idea of parallel worlds is one of the more favorite topics of science fiction writers, but also a popular subject of interest for many researchers. If you watched the Fringe series, you will remember that there were two simultaneously existing versions of the same world with slight differences between them. It seems that something like this could be possible, according to a new quantum theory.

A group of Australian and US physicists suggests that there may exist multiple versions of our universe, which can interact with each other on a quantum level. Dr. Howard Wiseman and Dr. Michael Hall of Griffith University in Australia, together with Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, published their so-called “Many Interacting Worlds” (MIW) theory in the journal Physical Review X.

It is a known fact that quantum mechanics display strange phenomena which violate the principles of cause and effect. That is why it is so difficult to explain the nature of these phenomena.

“Any explanation of quantum phenomena is going to be weird, and standard quantum mechanics does not really offer any explanation at all–it just makes predictions for laboratory experiments,” Dr. Wiseman wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. “Our new explanation…is that there are ordinary (non-quantum) parallel worlds which interact in a particular and subtle way.”

The new theory is an alternative to the ‘Many Worlds’ concept, which was proposed in 1950s by American physicist Hugh Everett to explain the ability of quantum particles to be in two states simultaneously. He suggested that both states co-exist in different realities, that is why quantum particles can seemingly occupy two places at once. Thus, in accordance with the ‘Many-worlds interpretation’ hypothesis, each version of reality branches into a bunch of new realities, which exist separately and can’t interact with each other. From this point, the “Many Interacting Worlds” theory is totally different, as it speculates that multiple universes can overlap and influence each other.

There are three key points to understanding the MIW theory: first, there is a gigantic number of universes, some of which may be nearly identical; second, all of these universes are equally real; third, there is a force of repulsion between similar universes, which is a cause of quantum interactions between them.

“The beauty of our approach is that if there is just one world, our theory reduces to newtonian mechanics, while if there is a gigantic number of worlds, it reproduces quantum mechanics. In between, it predicts something new that is neither newton’s theory nor quantum theory. We also believe that, in providing a new mental picture of quantum effects, it will be useful in planning experiments to test and exploit quantum phenomena,” Wiseman noted.

In spite of some negative criticism, such as the article by Czech physicist LuboŇ° Motl in which he called the MIW approach “a hopeless enterprise and a huge waste of time,” prof. Wiseman and his team are optimistic about the prospects of their research: “I think there are many who are not happy with any of the current interpretations, and it is those who will probably be most interested in ours. I hope some will be interested enough to start working on it soon, because there are so many questions to answer.”

The biggest challenge now is to come up with the ways to test this hypothesis and find the indications of possible interactions with other universes. As for the possibility that someday humans might establish contact with other universes,

Dr. wiseman said: “It’s not part of our theory… but the idea of interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.”

Excerpt from a short article published by IFLScience

In the mid-20th century, the ‘Many Worlds’ theory first speculated that multiple versions of reality branch out from one another as distinct entities existing in discrete locations, without any interaction.

This new theory suggests that all of these infinite multiple worlds overlap and occupy the same region of time and space simultaneously, just like a quantum state.

“All possibilities are therefore realized – in some universes the dinosaur-killing asteroid missed Earth. In others, Australia was colonized by the Portuguese,” Wiseman said in a press release.

“But critics question the reality of these other universes, since they do not influence our universe at all. On this score, our “Many Interacting Worlds” approach is completely different, as its name implies.”

Under this new interpretation, some worlds in parallel universes would be nearly identical. In others, the “Butterfly Effect” is responsible for completely different outcomes.

Each universe is equally real; it isn’t that one universe is the truth while others are bizarre copies or lesser in any way. Wiseman also believes that the quantum forces responsible for driving this shared existence are also responsible for causing quantum interactions between the worlds.

Similarity between worlds interact through quantum forces, which influences the outcome of the world by making them slightly dissimilar.

Though the theory states that the worlds interact with one another on the quantum level and not on a larger scale, Wiseman also believes the theory does not preclude that possibility, either.

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 4,041013 (2014): Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical Worlds by Michael J. W. Hall, Dirk-André Deckert and Howard M. Wiseman. Alternative link to the paper.

Your brain is an organic Quantum computer connected to the super Quantum computer

Every brain is an organic Quantum computer linked to the master super Quantum computer which runs this simulation within the Base Reality/Base Simulation.

Every person in this reality and each alternate reality is literally living in their own parallel universe. The fact that each universe/reality is interconnected together gives us a false sense that we all live in the same dimension.

Everyone alive is you in a different timeline

June 11, 2016

Everyone alive is you in a different dimension and timeline, regardless of your reincarnations.

Past, Present and Future are all happening now.

All your reincarnations are alive now.

What you will do and be in your next life is happening now. It could be in your own house and you don't have the slightest idea. It could be in another universe.

We are now in 2016, but every one of us sees and lives it differently, their sense of time is different. The timeline is only the same numbers but not the same experience.

When you reincarnate, you don't have to be someone you met or even saw before. It's more likely that you will be someone you really want to be even if you haven't met that person. Your imagination is reality and what we see daily and deal with as reality doesn't have to be a reality, it could be an illusion.

It's a simulation

By Unchained
October 15, 2017

I believe there are only a few hundred thousand people in the simulation and the rest is a simulated reality. I walked around the grocery store the other day telling myself that this is all a simulation and reality is an illusion. Guess what happened? Every time I would go to get something from a shelf I was rudely prevented from doing so by a person with their shopping cart. If I tried to get out of the way, my path was intercepted by another shopper. I thought hmm...

Then I was standing in line to check out and the person in front of me was purposely taking longer than usual. When I finally got to the register, the cashier gave me a mean look and had an attitude for no reason. Whomever, or whatever runs the simulation knows when you figure it all out and tries to show you that it can put obstacles in your life.

It's all a frequency and a vibration that creates the simulation. Different frequencies create a different reality. But know this for certain:

Everything around you is illusion and a simulation. You are the one who determines the outcome around you. Know that you are supreme in the simulation and that you can make any changes to the game as you deem fit.

Every person on Earth is you in a different dimension

January 24, 2015

What if every person on Earth, whether you met them or not, is really you in different dimensions and that when your body dies and you get reincarnated, you will be one of them, specifically the one you want to be!

In this life, you get to know, see, meet and feel all (according to your perspective) so you get the idea of the best character you want to be and it becomes a dream to you as you go on living and that's according to your very own experience. When you come back in another life/dimension, you become this character.

Remember, you can't meet or see anybody without knowing them subconsciously beforehand, because the brain cannot invent faces or characters!

To be more frank, the entire the universe exists only in your mind, and the universe/universes are nothing but unlimited dimensions and infinite possibilities.

It's like a movie, but you act in this movie. The movie is about you seeing and "living" with your endless other selves (the people in your life).

We could actually be one person and each one lives in their own dimension, and "you" live and interact with all these characters. The trick here is that you're deceived into thinking we all live in one dimension, one realm and one "life", but the truth could be that everyone lives in their own dimension, realm and "life" including you.

So, in simple terms and for example, in another parallel "realm" (if we think it's one realm), you are your neighbor and experience everything that happens to them and how you treat them . In return, in the same "realm", you are the other guy you're now, but the overall truth is that you're all one and each one of you experience their very own dimension/realm.

We all exist in different dimensions but interconnected in this physical reality

By prscustom1
July 24, 2017

And this connection isn't without errors/changes apparently.

Check this out. Messages appearing different to the receiver:

Has anything similar happened to you before? Ever wondered why the other person can't understand something which is blatantly obvious to you? They might be receiving a different info than what you give!

The subconscious mind is the shared database that links us all to the Matrix

By The Philosopher Stoned
November 25, 2016

I actually just thought about this because I'm trying to solve a minor home repair problem, and I decided to use the trick of thinking about the problem, then not thinking about it for awhile, and then when you think about the problem again the solution just pops into your head. Awesome technique if you've never tried it.

Anyway, it got me thinking that maybe what I'm really doing is sending a query to a large central database, and when a solution is discovered, it's delivered to my brain, ready to be "read."

The idea that all of us have a linked subconscious really isn't that ridiculous considering many prior philosophers and psychologists have noted the similarities between archetypes that are found in all cultures. And we all seem to share a common land in dream world as well.

So, when you are trying to solve a problem you've never encountered before, you can "ask your subconscious mind to solve the problem" and with a little time the answer will be delivered.

I actually learned about the technique as a kid reading John D. Fitzgerald's "The Great Brain" books. Awesome series. The basic idea is that if you have a problem you need to solve, and if you think about it really hard before going to bed, when you wake up, the answer will come to you at some point, while tying your shoes or taking a shower or whatever.

I've learned that it doesn't have to be overnight that you do it, if you just think really hard about how to solve some issue, but can't come up with an answer, just stop thinking about it, and later, and sometimes randomly, it will just pop into your head. Other times, the next time you think about how to solve the problem, an obvious solution will occur to you.

It also can also happen with things we know but can't quite remember. Like when you're like, "Oh geez, what's the name of that song?" In the old days, before google, you couldn't just get the answer right right away. So if you just stopped thinking about trying to remember the name of the song for a little bit, at some future point, sometimes even just a minute or two later, if you return to the question, the answer will just pop into your head.

As a side note, a trick that works for some people, when trying to remember the name of a person or band or whatever, is to go through the alphabet a letter at a time and seeing which letters 'stand out.' It's really accurate for at least figuring out the letters in the name, especially the beginning ones.

Also some people have the answer come to them in dreams.