Every person on Earth is you in a different dimension

January 24, 2015

What if every person on Earth, whether you met them or not, is really you in different dimensions and that when your body dies and you get reincarnated, you will be one of them, specifically the one you want to be!

In this life, you get to know, see, meet and feel all (according to your perspective) so you get the idea of the best character you want to be and it becomes a dream to you as you go on living and that's according to your very own experience. When you come back in another life/dimension, you become this character.

Remember, you can't meet or see anybody without knowing them subconsciously beforehand, because the brain cannot invent faces or characters!

To be more frank, the entire the universe exists only in your mind, and the universe/universes are nothing but unlimited dimensions and infinite possibilities.

It's like a movie, but you act in this movie. The movie is about you seeing and "living" with your endless other selves (the people in your life).

We could actually be one person and each one lives in their own dimension, and "you" live and interact with all these characters. The trick here is that you're deceived into thinking we all live in one dimension, one realm and one "life", but the truth could be that everyone lives in their own dimension, realm and "life" including you.

So, in simple terms and for example, in another parallel "realm" (if we think it's one realm), you are your neighbor and experience everything that happens to them and how you treat them . In return, in the same "realm", you are the other guy you're now, but the overall truth is that you're all one and each one of you experience their very own dimension/realm.

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